I am Léanne, a curious French-American who is exploring the beauty in quality, hospitality, and travel. People usually ask me, how are you a French-American? My grandfather was an American soldier and my grandmother was a French nurse. Sounds like a stereotypical love movie right? I grew up going back and forth between my two beloved countries. I enjoy having this double perspective and TRYING to understand culture(s) more clearly.

I am an explorer. An explorer of the world, it's colors, it's people, it's immense beauty, it's melting pot of cultures. An explorer of life, and all of it's humanly enriching aspects. And a spontaneous explorer of all the wine and cheeses that I can possibly have!

I invite you to discover the 26 countries I have ventured through, to follow me to the awaiting world, and with beloved camera in hand, I bring to you it's marvels through bright photography and video so that you can witness it's grand and chaotic diversity.

Currently living in New York, I plan to immerse myself in the city of dreams...

Bisous, Léanne