Hello & Bonjour! 

I am Léanne, a curious French/ American who is exploring the beauty in travel, hospitality, and luxury. People usually ask me, how are you a French/ American? So, I'm just going to get this out of the way and answer this now! My grandfather was an American soldier and my grandmother was a french nurse. They met in France, and made my mother who was was then raised in both countries. She then met my father who was French and then raised my brother and I in both countries as well! I have always loved having this double perspective and being able to TRY to understand cultures more clearly.

I am an explorer. An explorer of the world, it's colors, it's people, it's immense beauty, it's melting pot of cultures. An explorer of life, and all of it's humanly enriching aspects. And a spontaneous explorer of all the FUN, wine and cheeses that I can possibly have!

I invite you to discover the 24 countries I have ventured through, to follow me to the awaiting world, and with beloved camera in hand, bring to you it's marvels through bright photography and video so that you can witness it's grand and chaotic diversity.

Currently living in New York City, I plan to immerse myself in the different neighbourhoods and explore the city of dreams and chanllenge myself to find all its secret gems...

Questions or comments, I love hearing from you!

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